“3 Truths to Defeat Social Fear & Worry”
Led by Ellissa Baird

      Ellissa understands what it’s like to fear people. She understands the worry and anxiety that can come from social gatherings.
      Over the past few years, Ellissa has intentionally sought out biblical counsel for this area of her life and has grown immensely. She has found true freedom from her fears and she wants to help you do the same.
      This session will equip you will biblical truths to conquer social fear and worry and teach you how to enjoy genuine relationships with others.

“The Unshakable Yes:

Living on Mission for Christ”
Led by Courtney Bullard

      God has a special mission for your life. A mission to love the world, help those in need, and lead people to Jesus.

      Courtney will share how ladies can find the confidence & courage it takes to make the choice to say “Yes!”

“Pearls of Sisterhood: Authentic Friendships”
Led by Karistin Young

      We were designed by God to live in community & friendship with others. That is why it is so important to look at the friendships we have in our lives. Are they healthy? Are they genuine?

      Karistin will give encouragement from God’s Word about what it looks like to cultivate healthy, Christ-centered friendships with other women in our lives.

“Who Is That?
How to Hear God, Recognize the Enemy,
& Go Deeper with the God of Love”

Led by Jessica Beran

      Oftentimes reading the Bible can feel like reading a text book, prayer like a monologue, and following Jesus like adhering to a lot of dos and don’ts.
      How do we get past religion and into that thing we always talk about- a personal relationship with Jesus? How do we cut through the noise of the world, the enemy and our own minds to hear the still small voice we’re longing to hear?
      In this session, Jessica will explore these questions and walk the participant through practical, daily practices for a deeper relationship with Jesus.

“What Are You So Afraid Of?”
Led by Jordynn Griffith

      We all have fears, and sometimes they can feel overwhelming and too big to overcome.

      In this session with Jordynn, we’ll learn how to face our fears and find strength in the practical promises of God.

“Competing for Christ:
Glorifying God Through Your Talents”
Led by BJ Lorenzen

      After many years competing and finding her identity in the sports she played, BJ came to realize what it means to compete for Christ.
      BJ has a heart to teach young athletes the importance of learning how to find their identity in Christ, and then use their athletic abilities to bring glory to Him.
      She helps young athletes find ways to use sports as a catalyst for sharing the gospel with others whether it be in their local community or across the globe.

“Activating the Power of God in Your Family”
Led by Gwen Erisman

      Prayer is the biggest impact you can make on your family for every season of life.

      In this session, Gwen will discuss why and how to effectively pray for the ones you love the most.

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